Friday, July 31, 2009

wherein I fail yet again to make my point

Eric: "Sage, would you please bring me that can of bug spray?"

Sage: "Why do I have to do everything?"

Eric: "Do you do everything? I didn't realize. Do you clean? Do you cook?"

Sage: "I do clean. The reason I don't cook is that our kitchen is too big for me."


Evan (sitting on the potty with a plastic sheriff's badge in his hand): "I'm doing a shadow-puppet show. It's about a thumb-girl who lives in a neighborhood with a big spike-ball."

Thursday, July 30, 2009

that she is

Evan: "Sage, why are you naked and dancing on the stairs?"

Sage (naked and dancing on the stairs): "I'm not dancing!"

Evan: "Sage... such a character."

Sunday, July 26, 2009

it's a poly-holiday with Sage-y

Sage: "I want be a bunny for Halloween!"

Eric: "That sounds great!"

Sage: "An Easter bunny!"

Kansas in Paugust

This morning, Sage was telling me about her friend Lukas. It's not the Lukas we knew in Seattle -- this one's a girl, and Sage met her in California, but she has since moved to Africa. Lukas is three years old, just like Sage, but on her next birthday she's going to be ten.

In other news, Sage also said something true this morning: "August rhymes with Paugust."

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Junie Bug Jones

Dale the Snail

Evan and his new friend Bannon have been collecting creatures in a small tupperware terrarium. It now contains a green June beetle named Junie Bug Jones, a snail named Dale, and a juvenile praying mantis to be named later. I'll keep you posted.

executive order

Evan, playing with his Obama action figure:

"Sasha, clean up your room in the White House!"

(falsetto) "Why?"

"There's going to be a meeting!"

"Well there's not going to be a meeting in my room!"

"The people coming to the meeting have kids who may want to see your room. It needs to be clean."

Sunday, July 19, 2009

global citizen

Evan: "I like China."

Eric: "That's cool, Evan. What do you like about China?"

Evan: "It makes most of my toys."

letting himself go

Eric: "Hey Evan, haven't you worn that same outfit, like, three days in a row?"

Evan: "No. I've worn it four days in a row. Mommy, those pancakes look really dark. Did you put whole grain in them?"

Sonja: "Yes. It's healthier that way."

Evan: "Who cares about pancakes being healthy?"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fishy the Bob

Sage (holding a fish puppet): "What are your names?"

Eric (crab and dolphin): "I'm Carl the Crab and this is Donnie the Dolphin. What's your name?"

Sage: "I'm Fishy the Bob."

dream big

Sage: "I want to be a big sister."

Eric: "Hmm. Why do you want to be a big sister?"

Sage: "I want to play with babies. And hold their hands and look both ways before we cross the street."

Eric: "Oh, that sounds awfully nice. I can see why you'd want to do that."

Sage: "So... can Evan go back inside Mommy's belly?"

Friday, July 10, 2009


Evan: "Can't you tell Sage to get out of the room while I clean it?"

Eric: "No, Evan. I want you two to clean it together."

Evan: "But that's going to mean a world of distress."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

the true Sage, captured on camera at last

When she yells, people roll away like they do in Peanuts.

the cool of the pool

Monday, July 6, 2009

aiming too low

Eric: "That's the public pool with the water slide..."

Jack: "Oh! A water slide!"

Eric: "And water cannons..."

Jack: "Water cannons! Well, I'll bet Evan's not all that interested in water slides and water cannons."

Eric: "No, I'm sure Evan has NO interest WHATSOEVER in water cannons."

Evan: "Daddy, that's a really boring joke, and grownups make it all the time."

an eventful weekend

Sage in the Potwin parade

Evan getting arrested

the birthday boys, Evan (7) and Sean (25), at Uncle Andrew's wedding reception

four generations on our new front porch

Friday, July 3, 2009

bar none

Evan: "I'm going to make a jail for Sage's dollhouse. Because every house needs a jail."

first post from Kansas

Evan: "Did you have fun last night, watching us catch fireflies?"

Eric: "Yes!"

Evan: "Did it bring back lots of childish memories?"