Monday, April 6, 2009


The good news: today seemed, after four months of gray, like the most perfect day in the history of history.
The bad news: Sage has pink eye.
The other good news: that means we had to stay home.

2 Dandelions

1,001 Daffodils

Blossom Dearie


howard said...

you know who Blossom Dearie is?! How old are you anyway? (But Sage IS a cutie.)

Eric said...

Just about everyone my age knows who Blossom Dearie is, whether they know they know it or not. She supplied the vocals for some of the most memorable "Schoolhouse Rock" songs, including "Unpack Your Adjectives" and "Figure 8." I know she was a lot more than the adjectives lady, but that's who she was to me. RIP, Blossom.