Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dr. No

Sonja: "What kind of musical activities should we sign you up for, Evan? You could learn to play the violin, the piano. There are choirs you could join, for singing. What kind of music are you interested in?"

Evan: "Umm... James Bond theme music."

Sonja: "Well, that's interesting music to listen to, but I'm asking what kind of music you're interested in making."

Evan: "Beat-boxing."


Grandma Sue said...

Is beat boxing the sound that makes the pavement throb under my car as I'm waiting at a stop light?

Hmmmm -- I'll have to tell Evan about Detective Morse -- one of my favorites, who liked opera and other classical music!

JP said...

I don't get why you can't sign him up for beat-boxing lessons. Or maybe they don't have those in Kansas? They do in New York!