Friday, September 18, 2009


Our new neighborhood, Potwin, is famous for the trick-or-treat traffic it gets on Halloween. We've been warned to expect between 1,200 and 1,500 kids. No joke. One neighbor told me he bought candy for 1,000 last year and ran out.

Evan: "Do stores give you a special discount on candy if you live in Potwin?"

Eric: "I don't think so. That would be a good idea, though."

Evan: "Ugh. It's not fair that we have to spend so much money. We shouldn't even have Halloween this year."

Eric: "I didn't realize you were opposed to your parents buying candy, Evan. That surprises me."

Evan: "I just don't like to see you wasting so much money on candy for other people."

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Sandra said...

Some day I will tell you the story of hosting trick-or-treaters on the Lawn (which, as your wife can tell you, is a massive enterprise). A.K.A. "the day I accidentally defamed Mr. Jefferson's university."

It's bad when the University Architect comes by your room to shake his head at you, sadly, with a little resigned sniffle.