Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Two months ago I walked into the kids' room and told Sage, through tears, that Franklin had died. The death of a beloved animal raises all kinds of questions in a child's mind, and Sage immediately asked me, through tears, the most urgent one of all: "Can we get a hamster?" Today, on our ride from school to daycare, we revisited the subject:

Sage: "After we've thought about Franklin for a little while longer, can we get a hamster?"

Eric: "I don't think so. But after we're back from our summer trip, maybe we can get another cat."

Sage: "But I really want a hamster."

Eric: "You know, hamsters take a lot more work than you think. They also die pretty easily, and it's so sad when a pet dies."

Sage: "But they have chubby little cheeks."

Eric: "I know they do."

Sage: "Oh, did you know that if you don't drink water, your cheeks will turn dry and hard like a tree?"

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Heidi said...

Thank you Eric for making me laugh. It's you who talks with your children and brings out these wonderful vignettes.