Saturday, June 12, 2010

many hands make light work

Sonja: "Evan, finish picking up your room!"

Evan: "I'm finished!"

Sonja: "No you're not, Evan. I need you to pick up all the little stuff on the floor so I can vacuum."

Evan: "The vacuum will suck up that stuff."

Sonja: "It won't suck up rocks!"

Evan: "Well Sage isn't helping at all."

Sonja: "Why don't you give her some direction?"

Evan: "Sage, here's your direction: clean the room."

Sonja: "You both need to get busy cleaning."

Evan: "I wish I were an octopus."

Sage (singing enthusiastically): "I'm an octopus who doesn't like to clean, doesn't like to clean, doesn't like to clean!"

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