Wednesday, May 18, 2011

intellectual property

Evan: "I speak Gibberish. Do you know the Gibberish word for 'best friend'?"

Eric: "No."

Evan: "It's 'nincompoo.' What does 'nincompoo' mean in English?"

Eric: "It's 'nincompoop,' and it means somebody who's not so smart."

Evan: "That's a hilarious word, 'nincompoop.' Pickle is kind of a nincompoop."

Eric: "Well, 'nincompoop' is kind of a mean word. You'd only use it to describe somebody who's not a very nice person and who's also not very smart. Sometimes Pickle doesn't seem so smart, but he's very sweet."

Evan: "Yeah."

Eric: "And he's smart in some ways. Like he's very good at coming up with new ideas for getting into trouble."

Evan: "Yeah. Like, 'I think I'll patent knocking over this bookcase.'"

Eric: "Right."

Evan: "If Pickle gets a patent on knocking over bookcases and makes two million dollars, will you take that money away from him or let him keep it?"

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Gavin said...

I believe the inventer's employer is entitled to at least a portion of the royalties earned from any invention devised and/or patented during the period of the inventor's employ and/or on the employer's premises.