Thursday, June 2, 2011


Evan: "And this is the cop boat. Couple of officers on it."

Eric: "What's that officer holding?"

Evan: "Martini."

Eric: "I'm not sure he should be having a martini while he's on duty."

Evan: "Well he's not driving the boat."


Grandma Sue said...

Hold me excused for my question (I'm a grandma and haven't lived in Kansas for awhile)but isn't it against the law to have open(ed) alcohol in a moving vehicle? Perhaps Evan should report that policeman!?!?

Gavin said...

I got two olives and a couple of limes.
Guessin' that means it's martini time.

Mia said...

still laughing..."well, he's not driving the boat."

JP said...

inspired title.