Tuesday, November 18, 2008

infinite regression

Evan: "You're a pretty careful driver, Daddy. You don't run into many things."

Eric: "Thanks."

Evan: "If Sage drove, she'd probably go a little ways and then crash into a stop sign."

Eric: "Yep. She wouldn't get very far."

Evan: "And if I drove..."

Eric: "You might get a little farther than Sage before you crashed."

Evan: "Yeah."

Eric: "And Sage would get farther than Franklin."

Evan: "Yeah. And Franklin would get farther than a mosquito."

Eric: "I don't think a mosquito would have enough weight to depress the gas pedal and move the car."

Evan: "And a mosquito would get farther than a germ."

Eric: "I suppose so."

Evan: "And a germ would get farther than........... hmm....... A microscopic mechanism? A germ's baby?"


Elizabeth said...

I've stumbled on your blog and am laughing myself silly. That's a good expression, right? And a good feeling. Thank you.

Eric said...

Thank *you*!