Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is it too late to pick Sid?

Evan: "Would you like to be named Sid?"

Eric: "No."

Evan: "Would you rather be named Sid or Sweetie-Pie Donut Lover?"

Eric: "Sid."

Evan: "Why?"

Eric: "Because being named Sweetie-Pie Donut Lover would be a source of grief every single day."

Evan: "Would you rather be named Balloonface or Floor-Crawler?"

Eric: "Umm... I think I'd rather just be nameless."

Evan: "That's not a choice. Would you rather be Balloonface or Floor-Crawler?"

Eric: "I don't know, Evan. Floor-Crawler, I guess."

Evan: "Why would you want a name like Floor-Crawler?"

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