Sunday, February 14, 2010

charity begins at someone else's home

Evan: "Can we get a toy at Walgreen's?"

Eric: "Evan, you've already got so many toys that we can barely walk through the house. We need to be thinking about gathering up some of your toys and giving them to kids who don't have as many."

Evan: "That's a terrible idea."

Sage: "You mean give Bunny away?"

Eric: "No, we're not going to give Bunny away. We're not going to give away any of your favorite toys. I'm talking about the ones at the bottoms of the toy bins, the ones that you never play with."

Evan: "The ones at the bottoms of the bins are there for safety, because they're extra-special to us."

Eric: "That's not true, Evan. You must have a thousand toys and you don't play with a lot of them. And there are kids in the world who don't even have one toy because they can't afford it."

Evan: "Well that kid would have no idea how to play with a toy, so it's no use giving it to him."


Leslie said...

You might as well sign him up for the debating team right now.

Heidi said...

We have a lawyer in the making.

Martha Silano said...

Love this, Eric. Has Evan ever come over to see Attle?

Jack said...

Good to know those other toys are safe.