Monday, November 15, 2010

miner's refrain

When I was a kid, Legos were little different-colored blocks that snapped together. We used them to build really squarish things, like flat-roofed houses and Volvos. Today Legos come in complicated, expensive "sets," from which kids can build things like Large Hadron Colliders and replicas of the Getty Museum. At the moment, Evan is obsessed with Lego Power Miners -- little Lego guys who use sophisticated drilling equipment to extract Lego gems from underground caverns while battling rock monsters. This morning I was awakened by Evan speaking at me -- not really to me -- about Power Miners: one continuous sentence that lasted about 10 minutes. Then he forced me to watch a 3-minute Power Miners promotional video on the computer. This afternoon, when Sonja and the kids picked me up from work, the conversation went as follows:

Eric: "How was everyone's day?"

Sonja: "Good!"

Evan: "Daddy, if you could only get one of the following two Power Miners sets, which one would it be? The Titanium Command Rig or the Crystal Sweeper?"

Eric: "Evan, I heard about Power Miners all morning. Then I didn't see you all day, and now I'm asking you how your day went, and you're going right back to talking about Power Miners. Can we talk about something else for a little while, please? So, how was your day?


Sage: "Power Miners!"

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Czarnecki Family said...

I'm pretty sure Aidan and Evan's conversation the other day consisted of Aidan trying to squeeze in as much about Harry Potter and Space Police Legos as possible, while Evan waited for him to be done so he could talk about Power Miners, while Aidan waited impatiently to get back to his topic, etc. As long as they're talking to each other and not me, I'm fine with running up the cell phone minutes!