Thursday, December 2, 2010

and a partridge in a pear tree

Today I looked at our wall calendar and noticed the following upcoming events, in Evan's handwriting:

Dec. 25: "Space Police vs. Power Miners"
Dec. 26: "Power Miners vs. Rock Monsters"
Dec. 27: "Shooting Ambush," "Badmiten Comptition."


Czarnecki Family said...

I hope Omi and Poppop's basement can handle it.

Eric said...

I just hope enough people survive the shooting ambush to participate in the badminton competition.

Leslie said...

In another life, Evan must have played badminton with my uncle, who isn't above a shooting ambush of his own.

Czarnecki Family said...

Aidan seemed completely aware of these events but was concerned that Evan had left out the Harry Potter vs. Atlantis which is scheduled for December 28th.