Saturday, February 4, 2012

resting her case

Sage: "Evan is forcing me to watch a show I don't want to watch."

Sonja: "What show?"

Sage: "MythBusters."

Eric: "Sage, after you've had breakfast, you can watch a show that you want to watch."

Sage: "Hannah Montana?"

Eric: "Except Hannah Montana."

Sage: "Why can't I watch Hannah Montana?"

Eric: "Because I said so."

Sage: "You used to let me watch Hannah Montana all the time!"

Eric: "I know, and you started turning into a sassy teenager."

Sage: "No I DIDN'T!"

Eric: "Yes you did."

Sage (flopping melodramatically on the bed): "Does THIS sound SASSY TO YOU???!!!"

Eric: "No, that sounds more whiny."

Sage: "SEE!"

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